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Create a Sonar Monitor

You can equip properties with continuous security monitoring by adding a Sonar Monitor. The monitor will ensure the health and security of the property. Follow the instructions below to create a Sonar.

Set up

Step 1: Create a property

The first step is to create the property that you would like to add a Sonar to. Note that you can add a Sonar to an existing property.

To create a property, make sure that you are logged into your account. On the side panel, click Properties. Then, click the Add Property button and provide a property name and a property URL. Then click create.

Step 2: Add a Sonar Monitor

On your side panel, navigate to Sonar. Click the Add new Monitor, and use the drop-down list to find the property that you would like to add your Sonar Monitor to. Then, click create to finish the process.

Create a Sonar Monitor

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