Templarbit Resources

Welcome to the Templarbit developer resources. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start securing your applications and websites with Templarbit as quickly as possible. Let's jump right in!

Get Started

The Templarbit Agent is available as a Docker container and can be deployed as a Sidecar Container.

Docker Sidecar Container

docker run -d --restart always --name templarbit-agent \
  -e TB_PROPERTY_ID=xxx \
  -e TB_SECRET_KEY=xxx \
  -e TB_PROXY_UPSTREAM=http://app:8080 \

Please replace xxx with your Property Credentials which can be found at app.templarbit.com.

http://app:8080 would be the application you want to protect with Templarbit. You can use legacy Docker links, User-defined bridge networks or any other networking mode to make your application available to the Templarbit Sidecar Container.


The Templarbit Agent will update itself. To disable auto updates start the Templarbit Agent with -e TB_DISABLE_AUTO_UPDATES="true".


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